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Distinguished PDE Lecture Series

Upcoming Workshops

Applied PDEs and kinetic equations: from physics to life sciences and beyond, April 18-20, 2018

Past Workshops

NGSolve User Meeting for Mathematicians, Engineers, Physists, etc., June 12-14, 2017

Forefront of PDEs: Modelling, Analysis and Numerics, December 12-14, 2016

Recent Contributions of Women to Partial Differential Equations, November 28-30, 2016

Young PDE Day: Nonlinear PDEs and Gradient Flows - Analytical and Numerical Aspects, November 21, 2016

Advances in Multi-Scale Methods and Homogenization for Laminates and Windings in Magnetic Fields, September 22-23, 2016

Micromagnetics: Analysis, Numerics, Applications, February 18-19, 2016

Workshop on Applied Problems with Partial Differential Equations, December 15, 2015

Vienna PDE Day, June 16, 2015

Advances in Nonlinear PDEs: Analysis, Numerics, Stochastic, Applications, June 02-03, 2014