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ERC Advanced Nonlinear studies of water flows with vorticity A. Constantin
START PDE models for nanotechnology C. Heitzinger
FWF Doctoral School Dissipation and dispersion in nonlinear partial differential equations A. Jüngel
FWF Analysis of diffusion models for multi-species systems A. Jüngel
FWF Discrete entropy structures in nonlinear diffusive equations A. Jüngel
FWF Modeling and numerical simulation of low dimensional quantum systems N. Mauser
WWTF Elastic wave interaction with underground cavities I. Perugia
WWTF Thermally controlled magnetization dynamics D. Praetorius
FWF Optimal adaptivity for BEM and FEM-BEM coupling D. Praetorius
WWTF Polarization and motility of Leukocytes in three-dimensional environments C. Schmeiser
ERC Advanced RIVAL: Risk and valuation of financial assets: A robust approach W. Schachermayer
WWTF Portfolio risk and asset allocation: Utilizing high-frequency information in high dimensions W. Schachermayer
FWF Diffusions and portfolio optimization in finance W. Schachermayer
WWTF Variational modeling of carbon nanostructures U. Stefanelli
FWF Global variational methods for nonlinear evolution equations U. Stefanelli
WWTF The multi-scale dynamics of signal transduction: dissecting the MAPK pathway P. Szmolyan
ÖAW Multiscale modelling and simulation of crowded transport in the life and social sciences M.-T. Wolfram